Fishing is fun for kids of all ages.  The Community Fishing Program provides quality fishing opportunities for many that do not have such opportunities. Community Fishing Events provide a wonderful opportunity to bring families together to teach youngsters to fish. Other events are provided for disabled or for seniors.  Since June 1995, over 838 Community Fishing Events have been held in Alabama for 174,400 participants. Upcoming events are listed here.
 Program Objectives
  • Introduce youth to fishing.
  • Provide a quality family experience.
  • Provide accessible angling opportunities.
  • Provide or enhance lasting fishing opportunities for anglers of all ages.

Program Highlights:

Focus on youth - Today’s children are tomorrow’s anglers, therefore fishing events are oriented toward young anglers (15 years and under).  Other fishing events target disabled or senior anglers.

Division/Municipality/Non-Profits/Citizen Partnerships - Partnerships are key to events being responsive to community needs. Personnel from all the Sections of the Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division are encouraged to initiate, plan, and conduct fishing events in their districts, with coordination through appropriate supervisory personnel. In these partnerships, the Division provides technical assistance and expertise, block-off nets, and fishing tackle to loan.  Local entities provide suitable sites for events (preferably public ponds or lakes) and support services (such as security and site maintenance).

Volunteers are a must when planning a community event.

Local Planning/Central Support - Our district office will provide technical assistance, rods and reels, and block-off nets, when needed.  Most of the other work is done by the local partner.

boy with channel catfish

Stocking - Local volunteers often raise funds to stock fish and donate the manpower and materials necessary for success. Supplemental stocking is desirable to enhance the fishing experience. After events are over, remaining fish are available for anglers of all ages to catch. It is important to find a willing vendor early in the planning.

Funding - Outside funding, mainly for the purchase of fish, will be obtained through sponsorship and donations. Other materials, such as refreshments, will also be obtained through donations. Many partners find local businesses are willing to contribute money to stock fish for a local children's event.

Sites - Ideal sites are ponds or lakes that: (1) are open to the public, (2) have adequate bank access, (3) have adequate parking facilities, and (4) have some way to limit access (fencing, for example).  However, many sites may be suitable without all of these characteristics.

For information, contact your local District Fisheries Office or Doug Darr, Aquatic Education Coordinator.